10 Bad Habits You Must Adopt to Be Happy

Habits are inculcated as a part of genealogical progression in human life. From the list of what we deem as bad habits, let us simply ‘apply’ some of those to our own lives, to reach the ultimate goal of happiness. At this point, I am eager to refute what Benjamin Franklin once said, “your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” Try to adopt the following bad habits and subtract the “good” ones, instead, to lead a happy and less melancholic life.

1. Try to say ‘No’ instead of ‘Sorry.’

Whether it is your office boss or workers, or the household matters, or even your own self, you must adopt the habit of saying ‘no’ in all those cases where you feel jittery or apprehensive about doing some work. Sometimes, you have to go against your excellent partners, and rational frame of mind, to ultimately gain the finer pleasures of life. Say a big ‘no,’ and you can achieve the positive affirmations in your life.

2. Do not go for self-chastisement

It is terrible to deprecate yourself all the time, for all minor and major faults happening all around you. The restlessness reaches to such an enormous extent that even for some worldly crisis; you might blame and chastise yourself. Immediately try to stop that. Instead, rest assured that whatever has happened, is not your fault, and adopt the strategy of sleeping or just avoiding the topic. This will create the necessary expressive outlet through which you can get relief from your agony or angst. Fruitful gossips that enhance productive behaviour

3. Bold rumours, brave ‘you’

In a social survey conducted in 2005, in thirty-six corporate offices in Amsterdam, it was seen that gossip-mongering, channelizing dirty jokes, discussing the spicy stories of marriage and divorce, and everything else on earth, actually strengthened the social flexibility, mobility, and ways of expression among the workers. The people who avoided this conversation suffered from heart blockage or acute depressions. On the other hand, those who indulged into five hours of gossiping had actually got rid of their anxieties, depressive moods, and tensions.

4. Be the sudden itinerary planner: break the habit of being answerable to everyone

The American author Henry Miller had once said that “one’s destination is never a place, but a way of seeing things.” Just take a day’s off, or plan a sudden holiday for yourself, where you do not have to be responsible to others for your work efficiency, or your incapability to do any job. If that is considered to be a bad habit, then try to adopt it. Researchers and self-study tours across six states in India have shown how all those groups of employees who took a sudden and informal break during their busy work schedule actually lived life to the fullest. They showed marked improvement in pulse rate and blood pressure, as they could listen to the call of their souls. They fortified their spirits against external odds, and instead accepted the itinerary which offered them the slice and space of a true and happy life.

5. Being disorganized helps!

If practice truly makes a man perfect, then practice the unique art of ‘being disorganized.’ It is better than leading a spick and span life, where everything is closed in watertight compartments. Just as the rainbow can be split into seven marvelous shades, in a similar manner you can also scatter and disorganize your life, to create some alluring concepts just by being disorganized. Try to think out of the beaten track, and you will soon end up reaching your loved destination. This can be in the form of a messy room, or a disorganized ‘you.’

6. Swear to be restless in mind and spirit

Whether it is in history, or in art, or in any form of literary or scientific creativity, we have always seen how complete restlessness and an energetic spirit have given birth to the most astounding products of the century. Be it Shakespeare’s dramas, or Leonardo da Vinci’s art; everything has been inspired by the touch of restless sojourn.

Be alert, restless, fidget with your mind and body, and then only you can get out of the state of eclipse in your life. If life is stationary like the thin layers in a dull lake or pool, you will gather moss sooner or later. Instead, try to improve your habits by being reflexive, flexible, and nimble in spirit. After all, we all like to be young achievers and not the lost runners!

7. Look at yourself in the mirror, and appreciate yourself

When was the last time that you were appreciated? When was the last moment when you felt on top of the world? I bet you struggle to remember. Now, Folks, it is the perfect time when you should say goodbye to the external reflections, and say ‘bravo’ to yourself. If self-absorption is a bad habit, then run to adopt it. It boosts your stamina, self-confidence, and your productive spirit. After all, if you do not love yourself, how can you love others? Go to the extent of treating yourself with a sumptuous meal, even if that means spending or overindulging for your own self.

8. Psychological daydreaming helps you to earn creative results

In a study conducted by psychiatrists in the University of Arizona, in 2011, it was revealed that those people who indulged into daydreaming as a form of procrastination displayed a higher Intelligence Quotient than those who were highly compartmentalized and firm in their own segments of life. Daydreaming boosts your problem-solving instincts, and life seems like a Chinese box, where you have a story, a layer, a sub-conscious everything at every step. So now, when you travel, or when you sit in your balcony and look at the lovely Carnation flowers, just adopt the habit of daydreaming, make it a prolonged experience, and unleash the spirits of love, enthusiasm, and freedom in your life.

How learning helps:

9. Learning how to adopt bad habits

Learning the essence of bad habits is also an art. Instead of quitting them, just revert to your worst habits, the nightmares for others, and turn them into some adventurous stories for yourself. If throwing tantrum helps, go for it. Shout at the loudest pitch till you have actually embraced the serenity of mind. ‘Being happy’ helps, but ‘trying to be happy’ hurts. Improve upon all the methods which appear to be bad to others. Learn through operant conditioning of your mind how to be happy with the cruel odds, and love the way you are. Instead of feeling claustrophobic due to your frustrations, just throw them out.

10. Accept criticisms, and love to be imperfect

Do not concentrate on your ‘imperfections’ to others. Instead, accept them and love that you are imperfect in a perfect manner. If you adopt your imperfections with gusto, then nothing on this earth can bully you to find a suitable answer to all your worries.

Life is just like an endless fountain of an elixir called happiness. Just delve deep into it, and you will get drenched into this essence called ‘goodness of life and well-being.’