Smokers: These 10 Amazing Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine

Smoking is dangerous for health. If you want to quit smoking, may be you can have some reasons behind this. There are several reasons for quitting smoking like, protecting family from passive smoking, preventing the high risk of lung cancer or if you want you look younger as before. According to different medical studies, it has been proved that in more than 95 percent of smokers who have quit smoking without any medication or treatment, smoking has relapsed. They did not succeed to quit smoking permanently because narcotics are a strong addictive. It is very difficult to leave smoking without any medication.

1. Avoid snacks and sweet as replacement of cigarettes

Many smokers start nibbling snacks, sweet and different types of biscuits, but this is not the proper way to quit smoking. These foods contain huge calories and cholesterol and it will create indigestions problem. If you think that you can quite smoking by chewing some snacks then it is most bogus idea. You can not quit smoking by this way and your stomach and liver will get attacked by several diseases.

Instead you can start gorging on the dark chocolates which will trigger the good hormones from your glands. It is better than milk and light chocolates.

2. Fruits and vegetables: a proper food to quit smoking

  • You can have a bowl of fruits with carrots, radishes and mixed fruits.
  • You can try some sunflower seeds roasted or mix it with sliced fruits.
  • Take peanuts and cashews every times when you feel like smoking.
  • Intake of some foods which are the sources of vitamins C.
  • Eat a bowl of boiled vegetables everyday because it is a powerful source of Vitamins.
  • Prepare vegetables with roasted tomatoes which are rich with vitamin C.
  • Drink plenty of water everyday.

3. Be prepared and determined to quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking then it is suggested, do not quit it suddenly. First you have to reduce the amount of the cigarettes everyday and leave it slowly. Apart from that a mental preparation is very important to quit smoking. You have to be confident and strong-minded for leaving cigarettes. There are several anti-narcotics and replacement treatments which are available in the market and you can have those medicines by suggestion from your doctor.

Water plays a strong role to quit smoking. You should drink plenty of water everyday. It will help your metabolic system to become stronger and only water can help you to prevent liver function imbalance. Water is the main source of antioxidant also and it provides you a glowing skin and shiny hair.

4. Cinnamon as a spice helps to quit smoking

Cinnamon is not just a spice, but it can also curb your ways of smoking. In fact, if you just sniff through a stick of cinnamon, or chew cinnamon and cardamom for some time, then you can surely get rid of your smoking habit. It is also said by doctors that dark chocolate is good to help you to quit smoking, and you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder on dark chocolate, and eat that, in case you feel an intense urge to smoke.

5. Do not think that Popeye eats spinach for nothing: share the amazing goodness of this leaf

Spinach is a very healthy leafy vegetable which can reduce your smoking tendency. Doctors and medical researchers have found out that spinach is not just a powerful storehouse of vitamins, but it also acts as an immunity-booster. It has high concentration of folic acid which helps in the absorption of other minerals and helps you to quit smoking.

Smokers Foods

6. Enjoy a glass full of creamy milk

Milk reduces your constant craving for smoking. You can drink a glass full of warm milk, or flavored milkshakes before you go to be, or when you feel the instant urge to smoke. In fact, you can make your experience more ‘nutty’, by indulging into snacks with a bowl full of dried resins, apricots and nuts, or mixing them into your glass of milk. Regular consumption of dry fruits can help you to reduce smoking to a large extent.

7. Consume cod fish and flax seeds which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids

Flax seeds, beans, legumes and cod fish, tuna and other sea fishes are a rich and deep source of omega 3 fatty acids. They curb your smoking spirit, and they also control the lipid and the cholesterol levels in your body. Some kinds of withdrawal symptoms like, frustrations, depressions, irritations and ruthless attitude can occur after you quit smoking. You can avail some cod or flax seed capsules to quit smoking. They are crunchy and you will find a marked change in your smoking habit after you consume these foods.

8. The careful mixture of blueberry and herbal tea, or just single them out to quit smoking!

It is better not to consume milk tea, but you can obviously opt for herbal tea, like iced mint or basil flavors, or else, cinnamon or else, green tea filled with cinnamon and ginger extracts. These will not only help you to reduce smoking, but they will also reduce the smoke wrinkles on your face.

Along with that, ripe and mellow blueberries are a storehouse of great antioxidants which can prevent the break-out of harmful free radicals in your body. You can just make blueberry herbal tea, or mix herbal tea and blueberry extracts to get the desired anti-narcotic effect.

9. Make yellow your favorite color: use turmeric in your food

Turmeric is an all-purpose spice. It is not only beneficial as far as its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties are concerned, but it is also a powerful anti-narcotic spice. You can just sprinkle some turmeric powder when you cook your favorite dish, and within a short period, your smoking habit will be reduced drastically. Regular consumption of turmeric reduces the accumulation of carcinogenic substances in your body, and you will also get a relief from the constant cough related to smoking, if you consume turmeric powder.

In acute cases, you can also inhale the smoke by burning turmeric to get rid of smoking-related lung ailments.

10. Moderate consumption of salt or salty foods can help you to quit smoking

Keep your mouth engaged with some salty concoctions and spicy pickles, ketchup or salt items. You can also eat salted popcorns or salt-nuts. But keep in mind that you should not take an overdose of salty items otherwise it will have an adverse effect on your blood pressure.

So, now you can say the final goodbye to your smoking habit. The delicious foods are waiting for you!