6 Interesting Facts about Detox Foods for Healthy Life

There are several myths surrounding detoxification of your body and your entire metabolic system. In fact, recent medical researchers have discovered how many fruits, vegetables and ways of lifestyle can affect your health. Scientists and medical practitioners in different parts of the world have shown how detoxification can remove harmful chemical effects from your body, and how you can avail the benefits from your daily food intake. Only you must practise eating healthy.

Fact # 1

Why you need a detox food?

In order to detoxify your health, you must eat raw and organic food items. Many grocery shops and retail marts have spaces for organic foods. But these organic foods have minimum supply and they are also costly as per the regular requirements are concerned. Some foods help your digestive tracts and your overall skin and hair. If you consume good and healthy foods regularly, then you can avoid the toxic effects to your body.

Foods which you can easily avoid

  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Complex cholesterol
  • Excessive animal proteins.
  • If you follow a daily detoxifying diet with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and if you go through regular meditation and exercises, then you can get possible results within few weeks.

Fact # 2

Effect of detox food on different organs of your body

  • There is an intricate connection between your body and mind, and there are certain detox foods which help to develop your digestive strength, your brain and heart development:
  • Artichokes help in the proper secretion of bile and since it is a rich storehouse of vitamins, fiber, protein and magnesium, your liver also feels healthy when you eat this food.
  • Beet roots help in the reduction of free radicals. You can consume this food to cleanse your entire digestive system.
  • Cabbage is extremely low in cholesterol, so you can include this into your salad, to get detoxified, and moreover, it also helps to clean your excretory system.
  • Dandelions are also essential detoxifying foods which cleanse your stomach and increase your metabolic spirit. Moreover, it also regulates the kidney function and the regulation of water in your body.

Fact # 3

The secret behind detox food

There is no particular secret behind detox food, as most people have certain wrong concepts about detoxification and liver functioning. Have you ever wondered how can you get the best glowing skin and lustrous hair like those shown on television? The ready answer is, you can obtain a fresh look and an attractive appearance if you can release the toxins from your own body system.

According to a recent medical study conducted by nutritionists in California, regular detoxification programs can help you to live longer. Dr. Peter Ericson is of the opinion that proper detox diets and health regulation programs can help you to get back your lost physical glory. “We can adopt a healthy detox program which combines balanced diet and plenty of fluid intakes. Moreover, it is very important to sleep for eight hours per day, to increase your body’s productivity and proper functioning.”

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Fact # 4

How can detox foods prove effective for kids?

Detox foods are extremely beneficial for kids also. Children require healthy food especially during their growing period, so when you give them sufficient detox programs, these can help their bones, blood, brain and kidney to function properly.

  • Children are generally not very fond of vegetables, so you can cook colourful vegetables like carrot, broccoli and spinach as stuffing for burgers and pizzas. This will supply the essential nutrients to the children.
  • Be very cautious about using antibiotic and ADHD medicines o your children. Studies find out that certain chemical compositions found in these drugs can affect your child in a negative manner.
  • It is better not to buy fruits and vegetables which contain are inorganic. If you teach your child how to eat organic fruits like cherry tomatoes, banana, pumpkin and apples, you must make sure that no artificial pesticides are used during their harvesting methods.
  • Your kid must not eat excess beef, poultry items, meat or pork, but instead you can make delicious recipes with salmon, tuna and all those fishes which are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help their brain and nervous system to remain healthy.

Fact # 5

Ten biggest detox foods mistakes which you can easily avoid

  • Do not be fast and a perfectionist while cleaning your system. It is a time-consuming process.
  • There is no finishing line in detoxifying your body. You can start afresh every day.
  • Do not go for crash dieting, depending only on juices for your survival.
  • You must not select a detox program all by yourself, because you must consult an experienced nutritionist for knowing what exactly you need.
  • It is better not to depend on artificial food supplements and ointments or cellulite creams to detoxify your body.
  • Weight and body structure varies from one person to another, so whatever suits others, may not suit you in the perfect manner.
  • Know your diseases, the symptoms, and the correct treatment before you discuss your detoxifying program with anyone else in your closed circuit.
  • You are never an abstract identity. So you must know how it feels before you apply all detox programs on yourself.
  • There are no magic potions for your liver and kidney cleansing. You must attempt to get rid of all wrong concepts about detoxification.
  • There is no need to rush to detoxify your body. It will only add to your worries about a fabulous figure and health.

Fact # 6

10 detox foods for Aprils fool

Nuts like combination of almonds and raisins are not good for everyone, especially those with high cholesterol levels.

  • If you have lactose allergy, then drinking milk products to detoxify your system is of no use.
  • Crash dieting leads to wrinkles and premature ageing.
  • Do not eat raw fruits and vegetables because you can be affected by harmful bacteria.
  • Eating grass juice or weird drinks do not necessarily contribute to your health. On the other hand, they can damage your entire digestive system.
  • Sugar in any form is sugar. It does not matter if you eat brown sugar or refined sugar. In fact, you can opt for sugar-free but saccharine intolerance is a common factor among many individuals so you must consult your doctor even before consuming saccharine.
  • Do not mix up proteins and carbohydrates.
  • You must never use glucomannan powder or roots or herbs without prior medical consultations.
  • Internet increases your knowledge. But it does not help you to detox completely. You must avoid going through multiple newsletters and promotional mails which promise to detoxify your system.
  • Probiotic products can cause acidic reaction if you have any prior history of allergy.

Living healthy life is not a miracle, but you must know the simple tricks of detoxification too.