6 Myths and Realities Surrounding Gluten-Free Food

If you are a tremendous health freak, and you dislike the effect of Gluten in your life, then you must rethink this concept of gluten free foods once more. There are many myths and realities surrounding the contents of gluten foods, and the gluten free foods. There are chips, tortillas, nachos, and many other foods, and snacks which bear the labelling of being the gluten free foods, but actually they are not. In fact, there are several marketing strategies adopted by different food and snack companies, which initially promote foods as being gluten free, whereas, after prolonged researches it has been found that actually the food items contain heavy doses of gluten.

i. Regulation of digestive health, and cell development: the gluten mythbusters

A major portion of the American population suffers from Celiac disease. It is a kind of autoimmunity disease which adversely affects the digestive tracts, the small intestine, and the entire enzyme-secretion capability of the body. This also indicates the nutritional deficiencies in the body. Those people, who take high doses of gluten containing foods, actually experience this disease, and those who already suffer from it, actually become intolerant to gluten.

It is important to note the precise characteristic about gluten:

  • It is a dietary chemical which is toxic in nature
  • It affects metabolism differently, often in negative manner
  • They increase the rate of celiac and other digestion related disease in human beings

ii. What is the myth about the occurrence of allergy due to gluten?

It is a mythical concept that gluten always creates an autoimmune disease like the celiac disease. Although the recurrence of several food allergies in human digestive system have led people to believe that gluten is the only item responsible for that allergy, yet, this is not exactly the case. Fatal reaction scan also occur due to egg, crabs, peanut butter or other sea fishes. So gluten is not the only toxic item which must be blamed for any autoimmune disease.

iii. Can gluten cause a serious and often intolerable medical condition?

Many people try to avoid gluten without knowing the exact effect that it can have on our dietary plans, and inside our bodies.

  • There are several reasons and instances where people go on crash diets to reduce the effect of gluten
  • But they forget that gluten free foods are a myth, and they actually increase the body weight instead of reducing it
  • Gluten free foods are have more calorie concentration, so they help to gain weight faster
  • This is also true in case of all those people who suffer from Celiac disease, as they end up absorbing essential nutrients from the gluten free food items

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iv. Wheat and bread: are they the enemies?

Some people have such a high level of allergic tendency to gluten containing foods that they will not even listen to the word ‘wheat’ or ‘bread’. Even if they do not have the clear idea about the cause of their celiac disease, they instantly blame the wheat items for channelizing the allergy molecules within their bodies.

  • It is just a fabulous myth that only those people who suffer from celiac disease must reap the benefits from gluten free foods. Actually everyone can get beneficial results by following gluten free diets
  • People often go for unnecessary restrictions which are self-imposed. It is strictly advised not to follow a gluten-free diet, if not prescribed by an experienced medical practitioner
  • There is also a myth surrounding the fact whether gluten free food is expensive, and if you go on a gluten free diet, how can it affect your monthly bill?

It is a fact that people who have discarded gluten from their lives actually feel better, and they sleep well. But insomnia can have other medical causes also.

v. Does gluten contain essential nutrients?

gluten-lifeflair.comIt is a myth that gluten free foods drain out the body of all the essential nutritional elements. It is a medical and nutritional fact that going gluten free shall not subtract any significant nutrient from your body. You can replace the gluten or whole wheat foods with other substitutes like pulses, juicy and seasonal fruits, and different leafy vegetables like carrot, bell pepper and spinach.

The final myth which has to be busted is that, gluten free foods are not equal to junk foods like burgers or cream cakes. Instead they contain more calorie concentration, and they must be avoided to ensure an overall good health.

vi. Can gluten free diet seekers eat chocolate?

Although dark chocolate is said to have very good effects on the brain and the mood of people, but they must be taken in the raw concentrated form to get the desired result. And this is simply next to impossible. So the question arises, can gluten free diet include chocolates?

  • During the cultivation of chocolate ingredients, like cocoa beans, gluten contamination is a common phenomenon
  • It is at this point that wheat items contaminate the cocoa plants
  • Some sweets and hard boiled candies contain malt barley most of the time. They are a listed ingredient. So this increases the chance of gluten contamination inside the human body
  • Even if chocolates are said not to contain gluten ingredients, yet they can get the toxic flavour when the cocoa beans are cultivated with the same equipment with which barley or wheat is cultivated
  • But now, many companies are manufacturing gluten free chocolates like candy boxes, or nutritional bars containing resins, and liquid chocolate, but completely free from gluten elements

A list of essential vegetables which should be included in a gluten-free diet

People suffering from gluten allergy readily go on a vegan diet.

Milk and dairy products. But if they are allergic they must stop the consumption. This is especially the case where milkshakes might contain malt ingredients

  • Radish
  • Turnip
  • Black and blue berries
  • Strawberry
  • No pickles or jams are to be consumed, which contain preservatives
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Chicken mince
  • Turkey

So, in order to live a healthy life, you must try to get out of the riddle called gluten free and gluten containing diets. Gluten free people are not annoying, but they are just extra cautious about the allergy and the wheat ingredients which may cause source of their irritability.