Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy reserves all the collection, disclosures and distributed contents right according to the legal authority and terms and conditions. When you visit our sites, you should understand all the following terms of privacy policies and it has been counted as the legal permission granted from your side and acceptance by you.

1.Information and data collection center

a) The company and site authority is the sole owner of whole content and information on the site and they are liable to collect further necessary information from several sites for up gradation and value control purpose.b) Users can leave their comments on the particular topic or articles on the site. However, if any third party registers that the comments are not written according to our terms and conditions and they break our company rules then we can contact the commentator and inform them immediately. Is the commentator’s information required by any legal forum or authority then we can disclose their information according to law. Please find our terms and policy page for further details.

b) Sites may structure a mailing list for their own purpose and users can get all updates including breaking news, promotional offers and privilege letters to their mail id. For better access, it is requested to all the users to enter the valid email id and demographic information in the site.

c) All personal information of the users is securely kept by the company and it does not share with any third party authority. We can use the mailing list and other information to generate promotional offers and some third party’s attractive offers and news can also be delivered.

d) The advertising contents and offers will be marked as special offers. We can assure you that your mailing id shall not be registered with any third party authority. If you are interested to log into their site through our promotional advertising then you can enter and use your necessary information with the third party.

e) Users can discuss their common interest and share it with other on the site. But if the users want to log into our site as a commenter then they have to put their valid information. All these information will be kept by the company server and it cannot be generated to any third party organizations.

f) Users can use cookies. They can use persistent and session cookies. Session cookies can allow putting their data in our site and after closed the browser, all data will be deleted automatically. But persistent cookies can store all the data in the user’s hard drive for a long time and whenever the user feels to log into our site, they can access default data information and they need not put these information again.

g) You can change your browser setting and accept or reject all cookies. If you block your browser to accept cookies then you cannot avail our products because if you want to access all information then you have to log into our site and your block setting cannot allow you to access this.

h) Many sites can be linked with our site. We are not responsible to other site and authority. It is suggested to all the users to log into their site and read their privacy and terms and condition policies to access genuinely. This privacy policy is only applicable for our user to access and acceptance with our site only.

i) Websites can use the log file system and all the information of the users like, internet protocol address, internet service provider’s information and demographic data can be restored in the server. Site can track the user’s movement if necessary.

2.Advertising and promotional events

a) All advertises displayed on our site are sending you by our Google doubleclick and advertising vendors. We just collect and use the first party data and it will be collected when you are log into our site and place your necessary comments. The first party information does not get shared with any third party authority and it can be used for the advertisement delivery, reporting and contextual data services only. The site is totally protected and maintains all the digital law of the Indian constitution.

b) Advertisement can require the first party cookies enable and this site cannot access any cookies which is share with the third party advertisers. It is solely generated and maintained with the users and third party authority only and this site does not take any responsibility for further access in any way.

c) Commenter can opt out the first party cookies and third part cookies by clicking the following links. For further information, users can contact with our site management and company authority also.

3.Business law and policy

If the site makes tie-up with other companies for business expansion or sale of a portion of the site then we have to share and deliver our company assets to the second company. User’s personal information is also treated as our business assets for further necessary business needs.

4.Legal authority and law

If the information of the users is required by the legal authority and court of law then company and site should disclose this personal information to them. It can be held on the basis of judicial processing, legal low and agreements according to the constitutional amendments.

5.Safety and security

The site is protected by high volume anti-viruses and technical support system and it protects all the sharing and disclosing of data with the third party authorities. We try to protect all the personal data but we cannot provide guarantee for unwanted distributions and hacking.

5.Changes of the policy

If our privacy policy is changed or modified then it will be notified on the respective page and it will be updated with all the information according to the company requirements and legal terms.

6.Contact information

It is requested that if you have any doubts or questions then you can contact us at care(at)lifeflair(dot)com.

If you have any grievances or complaints then you can also send your feedback at grievance(at)lifeflair(dot)com.

We shall get back to you shortly.