5 Tips to add playfulness in your life

Are you getting bored of your life? Does your uninteresting daily routine is sucking all the enthusiasm out from you? If yes, this is the time to bring a big change to your life. You just need to add some playfulness in your life. Here are some effective ideas to make your life interesting –

Music as a therapy

Try different music if you haven’t tried before. Doesn’t matter whether you are an expert in music or not; being in touch of the melodious tone of musical instruments is enough to fill your life with a new energy. Once after being indulged in this activity, you will not be able to keep yourself away from the idea of discovering new tunes from your guitar or piano. Doing something totally different from the routine and daily schedule is the first sign to say that the person is open-minded.

Give a treat to your eyes

You have been gifted with a really precious gift by the God in the form of a pair of eyes. Plan a treat for your eyes by buying a ticket to a beautiful museum or art gallery. Art, craft and literature are the important elements in the life of a knowledgeable person. If you don’t have time to arrange a visit to an art gallery, you can even stimulate your eyes to see something new through window shopping.

Be Social

Being social can be a boring idea for those creative people who want to enjoy loneliness for creating something brand new. But believe me, I have experienced myself that being social really works by fulfilling your desire of being noticed. It’s a good idea to learn new things, culture and lifestyle of people. When you will show some interest in the people around you, they will also be curious to know more about you. This special preference is important to fill your life with playfulness.

Tease your brain

Being active and alert is equally important for your brain like your body. Your mind will be toned only when you will do some mental exercises; same like you require doing work-out to be physically fit. To sharpen your mind, you can try solving tough crosswords, puzzles or making random lists. You can also build ridiculous things like robots, radios, logos and so on.

Do things differently

The biggest cause of boredom in life is monotony. A monotonous lifestyle can make everything dull and boring in your life. So, you should be ready always to do things differently. For instance, if you are a right-handed person, try to do your works with your left hand for some time. try to write in a different direction than you usually write or even, upwards and downwards. Take a break from your daily routine in a holiday and plan to spend your day doing nothing of the works you do daily. Instead of that, go to a calm place and enjoy picnic and watching nature.

So, this is all about making your life playful. As these ideas are helpful and easy too, hope you would pick a few or all these ideas for an interesting life.