Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life? Here’s 5 Secrets for You

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players
They have their exits and entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts
His acts being seven ages…”
William Shakespeare

The bard of Avon was extremely correct indeed, in defining the stages of human life, and how people had their own entry and exits. From the stage when the embryo is yet to develop inside its mother’s fertile body, to the time when it grows into an infant child with a shining morning face, accelerating all its way up to the vivacious youth, the soldier, the full-grown man, till he reaches the stage of senility, debility, and finally dies, and transforms into a handful of ashes. Life is strange. Just like the soft bud which blooms into the multi-coloured petals, we have our own reflective spirits, our growth stages, till we wilt, die down, and collapse.

Life’s secrets revealed after birth

The infantile stage is the foremost stage of life. A child is just born, and the mind is a vacant paper, a blotched sheet or a tabula Rasa on which several experiences are stored gradually. It is the most formative stage where a child experiences major brain development and he/she also learns the finer aspects of sensory and motor skills.

The detailed exploration of the mind, however, remains to be done. With the gradual growth of civilization, we have transformed from hunters, cavemen, and fruit gatherers, and our flights of imagination have taken us into deep crevices of new scientific discoveries, and supersonic technology, where we now struggle with the ultimate matters of existence. We do not know how to ‘unfurl’ the deepest, the most mysterious and the truest aspects of life, and believe me no life coach can guide us through our own mental ordeals, until and unless we strive to come out from life’s quagmire.

What is the contribution of the computer and the internet?

To speak fluently, the answer will be, the internet has brought the entire world to our fingertips, both in the literal and the metaphorical sense of the term. We are no longer haunted by the mid-life crisis and dilemma, and our life has sought out the necessary communications with other folks, on the social networking sites, and the common online forums. But friends, you must remember that this online interaction actually negates the intensity of physical communion and communication with your own self:

  • It is just like the inner clairvoyance where you must look to your soul first to reveal the majestic secrets of life.
  • You can also go for interpersonal and intrapersonal communications not with the help of computer or speakers, but through meeting strange people, visiting ne places, and basking in the glory of a new shining life!
  • Collective resolutions are taken on YouTube or Tumbler, but you can also take an oath of friendship in an open field, under the sun, holding hands with your friends, and unravelling the mysteries of ‘true’ and ‘worthwhile’ life.

Understand your positive vibrations and ‘gut’ power

The internal volition of all human beings can bring supreme joy in their lives, and you are also authorised to have that similar feeling. Whether you see the famous writers, or historical personalities, or singers, and even labourers, they are all goaded by gut feeling or gut power.

You have to inculcate that supra-human volition within yourself, so that you can stand erect against all odds in life, and then you will see, how the secrets of life are revealed to you in their finest and the most exquisite details. You can even share the slice of your own experience by just inserting a slice of your achievement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more networking forums. At least you have a ‘voice’ to say forth!

Remember the heart-wrenching song by Jon Bon Jovi?

“Tonight I’ll dust myself off,
Tonight I’ll suck my gut in,
I’ll face the night and I’ll pretend
I got something to believe in…”

The song is so contemporary in its spirit and attitude, don’t you think so? And yes, you must suck in that gut feeling, and maintain a peaceful cohabitation with it, to bring out the extraordinary and out-of-the-box thinking personality from within you.

The mystery and the dichotomy of life are finally revealed: Enjoy the Benefits!

Being philosophical counts, only as long as you strut, fret, and juggle with your life constantly, and finally you arrive into the peaceful halo of compensation. But unnecessary wastage of your spirit is really an unpalatable and harsh truth, although most of us, neglect our own spirit all the time. You must remember that just as ‘Rome was not built in a day’, similarly, the newest version of ‘you’ cannot be conglomerated on to your old self suddenly.

The feeling, karma, yoga, actions, selfless knowledge, renunciation and self integration are the key aspects of your personality. Only you have to search for the key to these.

Analysing some of the perspectives put forward by celebrated life coaches:

In his celebrated life management book “Book of Secrets”, the bestselling author and lifestyle guide has waxed eloquent on the growth of mind, the meditative techniques and the refreshed values which you can adopt to get the fuller meaning of life.

You must also remember that social networking sites are not any destructive ways of communication. Rather, they interconnect, codify, and channelize myriad behaviour, multiple personality types, and several professions so that you get the better feeling of what are actually a melting pot of ideas:

  • Digitalization does not only imply unhindered commercialization. It also means creating your unique space.
  • Being etch-savvy does not reduce your sensitive spirit. In a way, you come across a common platform for negotiating with diverse urges.
  • Several instincts can help you to promote peace, well-being, and complete love for each other. Even if you stay in the remotest corners in Africa, you can connect to somebody in Asia, and show your concern toward some cause. The main factor is ‘how much you are able to recognize and reorganize yourself?’

Every single step in life is a struggle, as you are well aware that ‘life is not a bed of roses’. But it is not filled with only thorns, either. You must balance the on-site life, the on-social reality, and the deepest illusions created all around you.

Do not try to be a preacher. Instead strive to be a relaxed listener, a pupil, an engrossed spectator. If you see the minutest details of self-improvement and progress also, you must thank the Almighty that you have at least covered the less-trudged portion of the mountain.

Happy living!