The Strange And Unpredictable Laws of Emotion

“Don’t be ashamed to weep; ’tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us.”

Brian Jacques, Taggarang

Emotions indeed rule our lives, but we should not be dominated and governed by the negative aspect of emotions. In the Biblical references we get to know about the seven deadly sins of life, among which we find different emotions like anger, jealousy and frustration. You can only attain the peace of mind if you concentrate more on the vital aspect of emotions, rather than reflecting upon the emotional disturbances found in the life of others. Do not act like a sponge and soak all the negative spirits around you. On the other hand, try to extract the best memories, and try to understand that being sympathetic really matters a lot. But you cannot always try to stuff your life with things like hyper and excessive emotions, and try to be empathetic to others. In short, to live a good life, you must:

  • Work on the effects of time
  • Know how to deflect negative ideas and concepts found all around yourself
  • Not relieve or suffocate yourself with excessive painful memories such as the death of someone
  • Not brood over the empty feelings in your life.

For a change you can try out some meditational techniques instead of the medical ones.

Why do you feel helpless about emotions?

As human beings it is quite natural to be sensitive because otherwise we would have turned to stones. Whether it is a small incident in your family or a matter of great importance, you must know that the following golden words are to be followed as far as staying happy is concerned:

  • Life is like a river. You must go along with it, but do not create a barrier in order to destroy your life in any way
  • The perfect blend of emotion and intellect really matters in creating something sustainable in your life. If you are worried about the entire provision of success and failure, then try to take that as a common phenomenon
  • Do not go for over expectation if you are trying but you are not getting the desired results. keep on trying till you get a massive outcome
  • Be alert about all the occurrences around you. You must be sensitive with all your organs.
  • Spiritual faith and mental endurance is a work of art. You must practise it to know the deeper truths of life. No medical sage or saint can teach you all these.
  • You must not believe in the concept of rebirth, but you must believe that what you are doing today is definitely going to have its repercussions on your tomorrow
  • If you believe in the teachings of The Bhagawad Gita, or the Holy Quran or even the holy Bible, you should realize that the deeper truth on reigning your emotions lie in your understanding of a profound spirituality.

Can excess emotions make you sick? What are the different facets of emotion?

Emotions can revive your life, or else, they can also make you sick also. It depends on how you visualize your emotions with rose-tinted glasses or with black glass. The emotions which can distract you are not just negative, but they can also make you fall sick by mind and body.

If you feel spiritually dry, then do not lose faith on God, but at the same time, do not leave faith on yourself either:

  • Do not repeat that “I have lost all faith and I have nothing to get back in this life.” Negativity will aggravate your emotional disturbance, and you cannot live with these negative feelings for long
  • In our everyday life, we are either busy or we detest being in the presence of God, or else, we forget to thank God and even our near and dear ones for what they have done for us
  • Feelings cannot be relied upon, as feelings undergo various changes when you start living life
  • Spirituality has a deeper meaning and it varies from person to person. If anyone finds true spirituality by playing basketball, and you get spirituality by sitting in front of your God’s altar, then there is no harm. Spirituality fills your life with happiness when you dedicate your full life to what you ‘love’ doing, and not what ‘others’, or ‘society’ thinks
  • If God is a connective link then you can understand why you can or cannot find the connective link.

emotions law

Failure in Interpreting Emotions: The Hard and True Facts about Life.

We often fail to understand true emotions and their value, because we tend to misinterpret them. When you understand the source of emotions try to reconnect with the exact source to understand the negative or the positive repercussions. We often do not concentrate on the right kind of emotions like the following:

  • We disrespect love and true healthy feelings
  • We do not understand selfless love of others
  • We take on depressive moods from others, and increase our own depression in the long run
  • This is similar to when many people go to watch and gruesome bloody action or horror movie. The gloom and horror gets transported into your life very easily.

Mistakes which you can avoid in emotions.

There are certain emotional feelings which often go unnoticed. You can earn a great reputation on the basis of your monetary stability but that does not mean that you are the real and perfect winner in life. You must understand that nothing is worse than self-deceit. If you locate that your heart and your mind are in correct coordination, then only you can try to achieve a certain goal in life.

Silence from your side also means that you are not being able to communicate with a higher power.

  • Moreover if you fail to understand that God is not being able to communicate with you, then you must understand that God has some other designs. So when you understand emotions, try to preserve them as much as you can.
  • Try to manage the overload and pressure of emotions, and denote what you get to protect yourself.

What about kids? How to fix their emotions?

  • Kids are like flowers. You need to nurture them and encourage them to show proper emotions
  • You must create the all necessary bond between yourself and your children
  • Kids must understand that emotions like tension, anger, anxiety and frustration can destroy their growth and personal relations in future
  • You have to create a picture of a happy and mentally prosperous family so that your kid can also learn the art of living.


Life is vast, and there are no fixed formula for living and enjoying life. You must understand that you have to get rid of negative feelings by accepting them and releasing them or flushing them out of your mental system.