Top 6 Tips to Get Better Shiny Skin with Myths

Keep Glowing Skin Is Not a Myth Anymore: Try Out These Simple Tricks

Skin can start glowing after thorough cleansing, toning and moisturising. Skin requires some steps to glow and rehydration is the main essence for making skin healthy and for the maintenance of the skin. According to research, plenty of water or liquid intake is the only solution to prevent dehydration and it can help to stop skin ageing also. People with Oily skin think that they do not require any cream and moisturiser but it is a wrong concept. Those who have oily skin need to moisturise their skin regularly because if the skin does not get enough moisturizer, then it can produce excess oil, thereby giving birth to unwanted pimples and skin eruptions. In winter, moisturizing your skin is mandatory to avoid dry and flaky skin, and also to replenish the lost moisture.

When you apply cleanser and facial toner, you must apply a thick layer of moisturizer just after this, to ensure oil balance. There are multiple moisturizers with sun protection factors, so you can also get the sun-block facility from these. It is also very essential to exfoliate your skin, but do not go overboard and start exfoliating every day.

Myths and Facts

MYTH: Oily complexion does not require regular application of sunscreen

FACT: if you want to keep your skin squeaky clean and avoid blemishes and sunspots, then you must use a daily sunscreen cream, mousse or gel. In fact, you should apply a thin coat of light oil-based sunscreen as a base make-up, or you can also opt for a coloured moisturizer with SPF quality in it.

MYTH: to prevent blemishes you must remove the entire facial oil

FACT: We have certain misconceptions regarding soaking the entire oil from oily skin. But this can naturally strip off all the natural oil content from your skin, thereby triggering off dark spots and blemishes. This happens because the skin tries to compensate and replenish the lost oil, leading to excess sebum secretion, and creating ugly pimples and dark patches.

MYTH: you must exfoliate every day, to ensure a great glowing skin

FACT: regular exfoliation can abrade the top layers of the skin, and it causes a constant loss of essential oils from the skin cells. In this manner, your skin can also get affected with bacteria, and you should use a natural mild scrub to keep your skin clean.

MYTH: Oily skin does not need moisturizer at all.

FACT: oily skin requires constant hydration to remain free from patches and dark spots. When skin is dry, then the oil glands are forces to release more sebum from the sebaceous glands, so as to make the skin oilier in texture. It can worsen the problem areas of the skin. You must be diligent enough to cleanse tone and moisturize your skin.

MYTH: If you have an oily skin, your skin will age much later

FACT: ageing is a natural process but premature ageing can be the ultimate result when you do not take care of your skin. In dry skins the lines become more prominent; the wrinkles are visible to a large extent. In oily skin they are comparatively less prominent. But you should prolong your moisturizing routine to retain the oil balance of your skin for a long time.

MYTH: if you wash your face too often, it can reduce the natural oils.

FACT: if you use cleanser and soap to wash your skin, it will get destroyed rapidly. Dryness increases with repeated washing of the skin. The skin produces more oil to replace the dryness, and as a result, you suffer from unwanted eruptions and dark patches. Washing your face repeatedly makes it look ugly, aged, wrinkled and dry. You can apply cleanser twice daily, but in case of excess oil accumulation you can use a blotting paper or rice paper to remove extra oil, and get a naturally dazzling skin.

Simple tricks for skin-1

Follow this routine to get glowing skin within few days

Repeated use of chemical bleaches and scrubs hampers the natural oil production of the skin. You can use products containing Alpha Hydroxyl acids like Glycolic acid, or acids from the Beta hydroxyl groups. You can use dairy products like milk on your skin, or you can also apply pineapple juice or pumpkin juice to your skin. These foods contain enzymes that dissolve the glue which holds the dead skin cells.

For day and night cleansing, you should use a low acidic pH containing foam wash. The mantle of our skin has a thin acidic layer which blocks the onslaught of bacterial infection on the skin. Most soap is made of palmitic or stearic acid, and they destroy the natural balance of the skin. They make it more vulnerable to bacteria.

Oily skin also requires regular moisturizing. You can use a water-based moisturizer with a high sun protecting factor. It is important to include a lot of fluid intake in your body, and your skin can only be rehydrated if you use acetone free cleanser or toner. You can just dab the toner on to a cotton ball and then you can apply it on to your clean face.

You can use clay or mud pack or even a natural face pack made of sea minerals. This will instantly rejuvenate your skin, and unclog the pores.

You should take out at least some time during the day, to cleanse tone and moisturize your skin. Skin repair and regeneration is active when we are awake than when we sleep at nights.

Nature has produced in plenty: take care of your skin with the natural ingredients

It is always better to use natural and homemade products for skin care. You can get some handy materials from your own kitchen. Instead of using artificial perfumes, sprays, hair colours and skin products, you can always get raw and fresh ingredients to take care of oily, dry and combination skin:

  • You can use grated cucumber as a fresh toner.
  • In order to replenish your skin and get rid of sunburns, and dark patches, you can always use the mashed potato juice or you can rub a lemon all over the sunburnt area.
  • Yogurt is very effective if you eat it, or if you use it as your ingredient for a natural face pack. To make the skin look firm and ageless, you can always use yogurt with honey to retain the natural oil balance of your skin.

Moreover, it is always necessary to be happy, because the internal happiness makes your skin glow with confidence. If you are overstressed and if you suffer from digestive problems, then you must take double care of your skin. Also make sure that you do not over smoke or drink, as it can result into several skin disorders and you can lose the natural oil balance of your skin.